Download on Android devices : Tubidy

Do you like listening to music, but have trouble picking up the songs you love? From now on you can download your music in MP3, MP4 and music videos.

The best thing is that you can download it for free. Any song you like, in many different genres, is free, so you have it.

You should not prepare a special recharging device from the tubidy, as your smartphone will suffice. You can also use the simplest device without problems.

In fact, you can determine what type of file you want and what file you want, and then download it for free. Now you can start collecting your favorite songs and building a personal singing library.

Download training

First of all, prepare your device. You can use a tablet or a desktop computer or a laptop. Or if you want a mobile phone, you can use a smartphone. An old phone will also do. Then, make the following preparations:

  • You must have access to the Internet and find a stable nomenclature. Thus, the download process can be carried out without delay.
  • Choose a browser. You can access this website from the available browser. Chrome, Firefox or any other browser of your choice.
  • Set up some space as storage space to store all Tubidy songs. If more information is desired, this does not limit the download fee. To store you must enable enough space to keep all.

You can choose where to save the downloaded file. on the SD card or in the separate internal memory of your device. In general, an SD card has more storage space than the internal memory. Thus, there is no need to worry about space when downloading songs or videos.

However, if you’re using an Apple device, listen accordingly. If you want to save the songs in your gad get, you will need an iTunes program on a computer.

How to download

Depending on the type of device you use, there are several ways to download music from Tubidy. A laptop or computer, an Android device, or an Apple device. But it will be easy for you to do this.

You also shouldn’t download the app. You can go to the place and download it, simply. You have to pay neither registrations nor fees.

Download on Android devices

You can use many types of selection devices. Or a tablet, a smartphone and an old phone will be served. Here step by step how to download your music to Android devices:

  • Go to the Tubidy website .
  • Type the title of the song you want in the search box. To be easier, write the name of the singer as well. Then, click on search.
  • The app gives you a list of songs to choose from. All with the same title.
  • Find the exact song you want to find and then click on that file.
  • Click the button to start the process.
  • Then you get some formatting options. Choose the format you want, between MP3 and MP4.
  • Then select the file size you want. The options for MP3 files will be from 64 kbp to 320 kbp. MP4, 144p for 1080p files.
  • The conversion process will be done in a minute, so wait.
  • Once done, you can upload the file to your chosen device.

Download on iOS devices

When using an Apple device, you’ll need a computer installed with an iTunes program. Go to the iTunes platform to get the app.

Check that the software is properly configured and updated. Then delete the songs that don’t show up in iTunes, which will be synced.

  • Connect your iPhone with a USB cable on the computer. When you open iTunes, click the iPhone icon, which can be seen in the upper left corner. Fill in the software to find out how much space is left on your device.
  • Click the link to get the song. Then go to the Tubidy website by opening your browser. The steps will be the same to download any Android device.
  • Once the download process is finished, access fishing in iTunes. Typically, summary option in the left pane. Click the “Apply” button and then tap the back arrow. In the left panel you can see the library section. You have to choose the option “Kantuak”.
  • You can use the library to put the songs they downloaded. You can see the list when the download is done.

How to download a computer or laptop

As we have mentioned above, to use the place you can use any computer and laptop. The download steps will be the same as the steps to follow to download the songs to any Android device.

In this case, however, it will save the file in a folder on your computer. Music on any optional tent or disc or directly in a music folder. If you want to transfer it to your smartphone, you can only connect to your PC with a USB cable.

Reasons for using tubidy

As it is an ideal place for anyone who wants a series of songs, Tubidy is very convenient. Very advantageous reasons to choose this place, convert and download any song you like. How:

  • This is the best feature of Tubidy. No matter how many songs you’ve downloaded, you don’t have to spend a dime.
  • Just put the song title in writing in the search bar, and the system will find it for you. Then, follow simple steps to download the song to its top.
  • Indefinite download. It never limits the number of times you download songs. Very suitable for anyone who wants to build a music library.
  • High-speed download. The process will only take one or two minutes.
  • Supports different formats. In MP3 or MP4 format, with different file sizes, you can choose easily.
  • Without surfacing the window. It’s free from any ad you’re creating. Therefore, the process will be quick without any confusion.
  • Large collection of songs, videos and podcast. You can find any song you like without any problem. It doesn’t matter what genre, even in different languages, this place has.

Tubidy is a website for music lovers. With accessible usage and no download limit, and not to mention it for free, it will give you everything you are looking for. Then, you will enjoy a library of songs.